New Season, new Coaches! Check out the Spotlight on each of the New ANA Coaches

Each week the blog will feature a new ANA coach so everyone will get to know them better. Check it out and learn some FUN FACTS about them. You’ll even read about their greatest achievements and their most embarrassing moments!

Week One:  Coach Charlotte Gorski-Bielecki

How old were you when you started Synchro? Where was it?  I started synchro at 8 years old at the Manchester, NH YMCA. I then went on to swim for the New Hampshire Aquamarines and ANA Synchro.

How did you hear about Synchro and why did you want to try it? I heard about Synchro through the Y programs. I was playing basketball at the time when I discovered that land sports were not for me. I loved being in the water, and never looked back after my first synchro practice.

How many years were you on a competitive Synchro team? 14 years+. I competed all 4 years of college at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. Also, I recently joined the New England Synchro Master’s Team. We just had our first competition in Florida this past October.  

What was the coolest city you competed in? Honolulu

What was your favorite routine/music? Trans Siberian Orchestra and Prince of Egypt

What was your go-to snack while competing? Bananas and pasta salad

Was there something special you HAD to bring with your to competitions or while traveling? My silk fish pajama shorts for bed. I always wore them on competition nights.

Did you make any lasting friendships during your synchro experience? I’ve made so many wonderful lasting friendships from synchro. I’m going to be the Matron of Honor in my best friend’s wedding next year- and she was my collegiate trio partner!

What was your greatest success as a synchro athlete? What was your greatest challenge? My greatest success was completing collegiately and helping the team win 4 ECAC Championships. My greatest challenge was also swimming collegiately. It was so much fun, but the practice was like a full-time job – longer hours in the pool and weight room visits.  

Did you have a favorite move? Aurora

What made you come back and coach? First, I love the sport. Secondly, I strive to add value in everyone’s lives. To this day, I look up to all of my coaches that I swam for at NHA and ANA. These coaches were a huge part of my life, and I am so thankful for their leadership. I hope that I can positively impact swimmer’s the way my coaches positively impacted me.  

What the best advice you can give to ANA athletes? Nothing changes if nothing changes. Set goals at the beginning of the season and ask for help if you need advice on how to reach those goals. Keep working hard and come to practice with a positive attitude! Also, be kind to all of your teammates. They will turn into life-long friends.   

And last, did you have any hilarious experiences during your Synchro years that you would like to share? A slip up? A wardrobe malfunction? Knox fiasco? Travel nightmare?  Once traveling, we hit a patch of ice while in the car. Thankfully everyone was safe after the car spun around; however, I was eating pasta salad – and the pasta went ALL over the car!

In addition to her interview, Coach Charlotte would like ANA athletes to know that she also coaches for Boston University. The picture she’s sent is with her Mom at the U.S. Open in Hawaii! She was 18 years old.