Deep Dive: Meet ANA Synchro Alumni (#4)

By: Kate Todisco

ANA Synchro is known for inspiring our swimmers and guiding them with creativity and passion to build successful leaders. In our continuing new series: Dive Deep: Meet ANA Alumni, we are pleased to introduce you to some of our dynamic ANA Alumni.

Meet Eleanor Browne

Life hasn’t slowed down much for ANA  alumna, Eleanor Browne since her time on ANA  Synchro from 1995-2002. A graduate of The College of William & Mary in Virginia, Eleanor has spent the last decade building a successful career and family. An avid runner, she also managed to squeeze in running four marathons since her synchro days!

Today, as an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department at the University of Colorado Boulder, Eleanor teaches atmospheric chemistry as it relates to both present day Earth, early Earth, and other planetary atmospheres. As impressive and “out of this world” as that sounds, Eleanor’s greatest accomplishment has been welcoming her son, Miles this past fall. Although you won’t find her flipping around in the water or swimming laps much these days, Eleanor can be spotted hiking and enjoying the great outdoors in Colorado with her husband, Rex and their son.

Eleanor credits her strong interpersonal skills and her solid sense of responsibility to her time on the ANA Team. The tight bond and inside jokes she shared with her teammates made her into the collegiate leader that is today. Her favorite synchro memory is the time she traveled to Hawaii with teammate, Erin Conlon to compete in the U.S. Open. Eleanor’s best piece advice for ANA swimmers today is short, sweet, and very important – remember to have fun!

 “Fast five”

 Dream vacation spot?

New Zealand (been there twice already, but there is so much to do!)

Favorite summer activity (besides for swimming)?


Ocean or lake?

Since I now live in a landlocked state I will go with lake

 Cat or Dog?


 Favorite book?

The Hobbit