Deep Dive: Meet ANA Synchro Alumni (#5)

By: Kate Todisco

ANA Synchro is known for inspiring our swimmers and guiding them with creativity and passion to build successful leaders. In our continuing new series: Dive Deep: Meet ANA Alumni, we are pleased to  introduce you to some of our dynamic ANA Alumni.

Meet Candace Ju

If you ask ANA Synchro Alumna and current ANA Coach Candace Ju how the decade she spent as a synchronized swimmer influenced her life, she will proudly tell you all of the impactful ways. From lessons in teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership, to building lifelong friendships and enjoying exciting opportunities, Candance has built a lifetime of skills and memories with ANA Synchro. A team member from 2002-2012, as well as a part-time coach for most of that time, Candace has grown with ANA in countless ways. Today, in addition to her coaching position, Candace works as an Associate Designer at Charles Rose Architects in Somerville. She studied architecture at Carnegie Mellon University and she is currently pursuing her architecture license.

Candace’s fondest memories of her time on the team include traveling with her best friends to all corners of the United States, including Massachusetts, Seattle, Florida, and Hawaii for meets. Another unforgettable synchro memory for Candace was the year of her senior show. The high school seniors had the important job of selecting the show theme (Every Girl is a Princess) and they also had the honor of selecting the songs and choreography for the opening routine and the showstopping candlelight finale. Candace’s best piece of advice for current swimmers is: do what you want to do and do it with all of your heart!

“Fast five”

Dream vacation spot?

My faves so far have been New Zealand and Japan (and I would love to go back to both) but right now I'm interested in Alaska (or Spain for the architecture)

Favorite summer activity (besides for swimming)?

Eating gelato under the sun!

Ocean or lake?


Cat or Dog?

BUNNY!!! I have a little Lionlop named Sesame. 

Favorite book?

Looking for one! Open to suggestions!