Deep Dive: Meet ANA Synchro Alumni (#2)


By: Kate Todisco

ANA Synchro is known for inspiring our swimmers and guiding them with creativity and passion to build successful leaders. In our continuing new series: Dive Deep: Meet ANA Alumni, we are pleased to introduce you to some of our dynamic ANA Alumni.

Meet Mary Butzlaft

ANA Alumna, Mary Butzlaft is passionate about sharing the important life lessons she learned from her time as a synchronized swimmer. An ANA team member from 1993-2000, Mary’s time on the ANA Team influenced her life in many positive ways. For Mary, learning how to be a team player, while also learning how to take on a leadership role within a team, is one of the most rewarding lessons she learned from ANA.  

Today, living in Germany with her husband and two kids, ages seven and four, Mary fondly remembers a summer she spent in Maine coaching a team of synchronized swimming waitresses.  A cheerleader at heart, Mary would like to encourage all swimmers to route for the success of teammates even when you are competing against them. Her golden rule applies not only to synchro, but to all aspects of life including work and friendships.

 Mary has enjoyed many successes since her synchro days, including earning a Bachelor’s of English and a Master of Teaching from Simmons College in Boston. She moved from her hometown to London and enjoyed a successful career as a public and international school teacher. In 2014, Mary and her German born husband, relocated their family to Germany.  Today, Mary is no longer swimming, but she does admit to the occasional dream where she envisions herself forgetting a routine mid swim. Mary wouldn’t change a thing about her time swimming with ANA. The memories she made and the camaraderie and spirit of teamwork she shared with her fellow teammates is priceless.

“Fast five”
Dream vacation spot?
Favorite summer activity (besides for swimming)?
Visiting my family in the USA
Ocean or lake?
Cat or Dog?
Favorite book?
Picture Book- Strictly No Elephants
YA Lit. - Private Peaceful
Lit. The Handmaid’s Tale.