Deep Dive: Meet ANA Synchro Alumni (#8)

By: Kate Todisco

ANA Synchro is known for inspiring our swimmers and guiding them with creativity and passion to build successful leaders. In our continuing new series: Dive Deep: Meet ANA Alumni, we are pleased to  introduce you to some of our dynamic ANA Alumni.

Meet Kelly Mahoney

Now in her fifth season coaching for ANA Synchro, Coach Kelly Mahoney can often be spotted on the YMCA pool deck with the 10&U Intermediate swimmers following close behind her. As an ANA Alumna, Kelly was on the team from 1999-2008, and she feels right at home in the pool at the Andover YMCA. Dedicated to her sport, she currently competes as a member of the New England Synchro Masters team. For the past two seasons her team has competed in the combo event at the Master’s Nationals.

In addition to the time she devotes to synchro, Kelly is also a busy third grade special education teacher in Tewksbury. If all of her teaching and coaching work wasn’t enough, Kelly also spends the summers lifeguarding at Micozzi Beach in Billerica! With a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Lindenwood University and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Salem State University, Kelly’s diverse background in education, combined with her decade of synchro experience, makes her the perfect fit for the ANA Synchro team.

For Kelly some of the most special times she spent with ANA Synchro weren’t even in the pool. She will never forget the long rides to meets, overnights spent at hotels, or decorating hotel room doors with teammates. Being a part of the ANA team has given Kelly great friends for life. Kelly’s best piece of advice for current ANA remembers?  Work hard, train hard, and grow as a team but don’t forget to have fun outside of practice with your synchro friends. Kelly believes the more you grow your relationships outside of the pool, the longer your friendships will last.

 “Fast Five”

 Dream vacation spot?

I would love to go to Fiji and stay in one of the huts on the ocean!

 Favorite summer activity (besides for swimming)?

Going to the beach and country concerts!

Ocean or lake?

Ocean all the way! Even though I work at a lake all summer haha.

Cat or dog?

Dogs!! My brother has an adorable Pitbull named Daisy and I love watching Coach Charlotte’s dogs, Mabel and Halle!

 Favorite book?

 Charlotte’s Web (classic teacher book)